Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

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Flavor: Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn

What you get:

1.5 oz. Bags (single serve)
24 Bags per box

My first memory of kettle corn goes back to my 10th birthday. Mom had taken me to the state fair. As we walked around the carnival, my eyes grew wide with wonder at all the games, rides, and food stands. Then something happened that was FANTASTIC! My nostrils became overwhelmed with the sweet and salty aroma of freshly popped kettle corn. The next thing I knew I was devouring handfuls of kettle corn! Each bite was sweeter and saltier than the last. My taste buds were popping like firecrackers. I felt like I had discovered a whole new world of flavors, and couldn't wait to come back to the carnival for more kettle corn. The end.

I hereby dedicate Joe Pop Sweet and Salty to Little Joey - may this snack bring us back to happy memories of childhood.